Welcome to the Biodynamic Land Trust

We are a charitable community benefit society working with communities to:

  1. secure UK land in trust,
  2. protect and develop biodynamic, organic, community-connected farms, and
  3. provide further opportunities for sustainable agriculture and entrant farmers/growers.

Help us increase planet-friendly farming for healthy soil, animals, food, and people.
A donation will enable the continued growth of the Trust and support us to promote our existing farms, nurture new projects, and acquire new land in the future.
Alternatively, you could become a shareholder investor in the Trust.
Act now to make a positive difference!

Making the case for a UK transition to Regenerative Agriculture – Huxham’s Cross Farm

“Learning to heal from and connect with the land” In June, we at the Biodynamic Land Trust had the opportunity to visit the team at the Apricot Centre@Huxhams Cross Farm in Dartington. The day was a celebration for Land Trust shareholders and investors who have supported and enabled this farm to transform from just a few fields…Continue reading Making the case for a UK transition to Regenerative Agriculture – Huxham’s Cross Farm

Be inspired by Huxhams Cross Farm, a vibrant biodynamic organic farm developing in Dartington, south Devon.

Help Oakbrook Farm in Stroud, Gloucestershire as it develops into an exciting community-connected farm with diverse interests and activities.

Share in the protection of open-pollinated seeds for current and future generations via the Seed Co-operative in Gosberton, Lincolnshire.

 Follow Springham Farms’ journey near Hailsham in East Sussex as it develops the land into a thriving community-connected ecosystem.

Biodynamics – dynamic & VITAL ORGANICS

Improving the vitality of land, food and society by:


and promoting Biodynamic farming and gardening


the quality of biodynamic and organic food


biodynamic education at home and abroad


land for a living working countryside


The UK’s community owned seed company

What we do

Our aim is to secure agricultural land to hold in trust into the future. This is for affordable access for biodynamic farmers and agriculture, countryside conservation and for community connected, sustainable farming. We do this through partnerships, community involvement and shares.

Biodynamic spraying at Oakbrook


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Visioning Huxhams Cross Farm


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Marina O'Connell spraying the fields at Huxhams Cross Farm with biodynamic preparation


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Apricot Centre CIC at Totnes Market


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