Welcome to the Biodynamic Land Trust

Our vision is a healthy, sustainable regenerative agricultural system that:

  • provides fresh local food,
  • connects communities to land,
  • supports land-based education, nature and wellbeing,
  • creates rural jobs  and improves countryside economies.

We are a charitable community benefit society working with communities to secure UK land in trust, to protect and develop biodynamic organic farms and provide further opportunities for regenerative agriculture and entrant farmers. We have a number of current projects and there are a variety of ways to support our work.

Be inspired by Huxhams Cross Farm, a vibrant biodynamic organic farm developing in Dartington, south Devon.

Help Oakbrook Farm in Stroud, Gloucestershire as it develops into an exciting community-connected farm with diverse interests and activities.

Share in the protection of open-pollinated seeds for current and future generations via the Seed Co-operative in Gosberton, Lincolnshire.

A donation will enable the continued growth of the Trust and support us to promote our existing farms, nurture new projects and acquire new land in the future. Alternatively, you could become a Shareholder investor in the Trust.

You can make a positive difference!

The Biodynamic Land Trust’s latest share offers

Huxhams Cross Farm: Huxhams Cross Farm is in its next exciting phase of development and YOU can be part of it. Join the real food and farming revolution to bring about the ecological, economic and community revival of the countryside.

Share offer: Huxhams Cross Farm Share Prospectus

By post: download and print Huxhams Cross Farm Share Application form

Oakbrook Farm: The 41-acre farmland adjoining Hawkwood College just outside Stroud is now home to cluster of farm enterprises: Stroud Micro Dairy; Ellie’s Eggs; Stroud Community Agriculture starter farm, and the Bee Observatory. The newly established Oakbrook Community Benefit Society will seek to develop the farm infrastructure.

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The Biodynamic Land Trust is part of the biodynamic family

Fosters and promotes biodynamic farming and gardening.
Our educational college.
Breeds and protects open pollinated organic and biodynamic seeds.