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A charitable community benefit society, the Biodynamic Land Trust secures UK land in trust for community-owned ecological farming, bringing communities together to create living working farms and forging connections between land, food and people.

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The Biodynamic Land Trust latest 2017 share offer
Huxham’s Cross Farm community share offer aims to raise £150,000 in total. When we launched the share offer in October 2015, the land was bare fields. Thanks to community investment, the fledgeling farm now hosts orchard trees, soft fruit, chickens, Shetland heifers, has raised a new barn, developed access to parking and a cooperative weekly vegetable box delivery. Be the change you want to see. Volunteer, donate and/or invest to develop Huxhams Cross Farm and secure its sustainable future.

Oakbrook Farm The 41-acre farmland adjoining Hawkwood College just outside Stroud is now home to the Stroud Community Agriculture Starter farm and Stroud Micro Dairy. Currently in conversion, it hopes to be certified biodynamic organic by December 2018. The entrance is through a gate about 50 yards south of Hawkwood College’s entrance. Please feel free to walk on any of the marked public footpaths.

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