The purpose of the Biodynamic Land Trust Limited (BDLT) is to secure land for biodynamic farming, gardening and food growing in the long term. We do this through partnerships, community involvement and shares.

The BDLT is a charitable community benefit society No 31448R, registered with the FSA (FCA) in 2011 and directed by a small board of volunteer directors who are elected by members at Annual General Meetings.

Members join by investing in withdrawable, non-profit shares. Both individuals and organisations can join, each member has one vote.

The BDA, as the custodian trustee, has the power under the BDLT Rules to nominate a director who can veto any changes in the Objects of the BDLT. Should the BDLT ever wind up, the assets will be transferred to the BDA. This offers an additional safeguard for the BDLT land assets, in addition to the charity at law status.

The BDLT is the outcome of the 2011 Biodynamic Land Action Research and Feasibility Project. This was carried out in partnership with the Biodynamic Agricultural Association (BDA). It was made possible by the generous gift of a donor, with help for seed funding to secure 2-3 pilot farm buyouts, together with share issues and loans depending on the farm or land to be secured.

To become a member please download, complete and return the application form below:

Download application form here (pdf)

or for information on specific projects to invest in go to our land share offers page.