#AccesstoLand 19 – 21 June, Brussels

The Biodynamic Land Trust was privileged to be invited to the Access to Land EU network seminar and conference 19 – 21 June 2017, and is grateful to Terre de Liens for support.

A group of Access to land EU "ambassadors" at Notre Dame Chant d'Oiseau during June heatwave at

The “ambassadors of the emerging commons” (above) – twenty European countries represented. The seminars were held in the serene collegiate setting of the Franciscan Notre Dame Chant d’Oiseau in Brussels.

The Biodynamic Land Trust presented its poster (above) of learnings and achievements since being founded in 2011 – presented outside during intense June heatwave.

Posters from a sample of fellow land access organisations in Europe now follows.

Toekomstboeren from Holland – giving farmers of the future a voice

Lurzaindia, a company limited by shares enabling it to act efficiently, collecting savings from wide and diverse circles (incl. legal persons) and to distinguish the power of decision from the power of money.

Lurzaindia raises money from citizens to buys agricultural land, which is leased to farmers long-term. Thanks to a strong local network, Lurzaindia manages to be informed of all the farmland sales taking place in the Basque Country.


Terre de Liens, (above) the civil society organisation founded in 2003, and conference co-organiser.

Terre de Liens (land of links) owns 102 farms where 150 farmers are working.

– Over 12, 000 citizens mobilised

– Over €43 millions raised

– Thousands of farmers and future farmers advised and supported

– 2500 hectares of farmland preserved.

For 10 years, Terre de Liens has experimented with ways of preserving and managing farmland as a commons.

The Xarxa de Custòdia del Territori XCT (Land Stewardship Network) is a not-for-profit organization working to foster land stewardship as a conservation strategy for the natural, cultural and landscape resources and values of Catalonia and its environment.

Arvaia is cooperative of farmers and citizens funded in the Borgo Panigale district of Bologna in 2013.

Nadace pro půdu (Foundation for Soil) is a Czech organisation founded in January 2016 to protect the soil as a heritage and to support responsible, regardful and sustainable farming. It all begun with the gift of a biodynamic farm where the farmer is continuing to farm. The foundation wants to achieve its purpose by:
– buying land or receiving it as a gift,
– renting the land to appropriate organic farmers
– promoting responsible ways of farming and community supported agriculture
– linking land owners with responsible organic farmers without available farmland, and
– cooperating with organisations with similar or complementary focus.

Below: Access to Land to signpost conference delegates.

Above: poster of one of the key organisers of the Access to Land conference, Terre-En-Vue, Belgium, both an NGO (founded 2011) and cooperative company (founded 2012). Co-founder and project manager, Maarten Roels, said in the final address:

“Ambassadors of the emerging commons, you have a duty to collaborate.”

The Biodynamic Land Trust grows farms

Invest in The Biodynamic Land Trust’s community share offer for Huxhams Cross Farm, south Devon, to bring about economic, ecological and cultural change in the countryside.

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