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Gabriel Kaye, Trust Director and BDA operations manager

Being Sustainable, Prudent and Moving Forward & AGM – 29 Sept 2018

A sustainable organisation: after the excitements in the last quarter (our pitch in the Shark Tank and other adventures) we have been putting various aspects of the activities into a slower mode and tightening our budgets so as to be prudent and sustainable on known income. The last seven years has been all activity, getting […]

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Eggs, bees and salads join the Micro-Dairy at Oakbrook Farm

Starter Farm A lot’s happened over the last few months at the Starter Farm! Since I last wrote, I’ve sown and transplanted thousands of seedlings – of around 100 varieties of plant – seen them grow and thrive, and in recent weeks, been selling as much as I’ve got time to pick! I’ve been churning […]

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AGM 2014

Dear members, This year we are planning the AGM for Saturday 6th September, at Emerson College & Tablehurst Farm in Forest Row, Sussex. We will run the AGM alongside a workshop and farm walk for members and friends; we will also have the Ecodynamic CBS AGM on the same day for those that are also […]

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