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Viable Biodynamic Farm Business Models?

Alan Brockman is a veteran biodynamic farmer, having farmed 300 acres of beautiful Kent near Chartham since 1953. Meeting him at Perry Court in early April sparked some key questions. Firstly about Biodynamic Farm Land Trusts. He told the story of his friend Gotthilf Goyert who set up the Verein Rudolf Steiner Stiftung fur die […]

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Local vs. National Farm Land Trusts?

I met with Neil Ravenscroft to discuss the setting up of the Biodynamic Land Trust, and to invite him to become an advisor. We had an important discussion on the pros and cons of a national farm land trust versus local farm land trusts, which will be one of the themes of the action research.

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Biodynamic Land Trust Action Research and Feasibility Project

The purpose of this blog is to share the thinking and research arising from action researching the feasibility of a Biodynamic Land Trust in Britain, starting in March 2011. Readers may well be biodynamic farmers, trainee farmers, organic farmers and market gardeners, members of community supported agriculture bodies considering how to secure land, researchers, policy […]

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