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As we move towards spring there is much activity at the Biodynamic Land Trust. Among the emerging new shoots, the Land Trust is developing an ‘Associate Farm Membership’ together with interested farmers. This is an offer to farms not already part of the Biodynamic Land Trust to build a clear relationship with the Land Trust and its farms. It is an offer of connection, of community, of learning together and developing great biodynamic farms that are also connected to their community.

Membership benefits and arrangements

These include:

  • Being part of a family of developing farms.
  • An annual visit by one of the Land Trust’s directors or advisers to discuss how the farm is going and to share perspectives learnt from other biodynamic farms around the country to help the farm development process and succession plan for the farm; this would offer support, connection and relationship building. 
  • Working towards ‘beacon status’ – looking at what the farm and its people offer and what steps the farm can and may wish to take to develop it further, eg, improving soils, enterprises, community involvement, training, festivals etc.
  • Featuring in Land Trust newsletters and reports as part of the family of farms (news updates and photos would be provided by the farms twice a year).
  • An annual fee to cover the Land Trust’s out of pocket expenses for the membership, currently expected to be around £350.
  • Associative Farms could host an AGM from time to time as do the Land Trust’s tenant farms. This would also provide opportunities for farm walks and sharing between farms. 
  • Sharing and inputting to the Land Trust’s development.

As this is an evolving concept it will benefit from working and learning with a variety of different farms. We would like to welcome a small number of farms to work with us to develop this working, learning farming community together.

If you would like further information about Associate Farm membership or to discuss this work in progress, please call Gabriel Kaye on 01453 367233, or email

Tom Brenan
Operations Manager, Biodynamic Land Trust

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