Christmas gift that goes on giving

Fir trees

As winter approaches, thoughts turn to seasonal gifts. By investing in the Biodynamic Land Trust for Huxhams Cross Farm in Dartington, Devon, you become part of a thriving farm community and feel a sense of ownership, pride and hope, as the farm develops and thrives.

Did you know you can invest in community shares on behalf of another, including children? The Biodynamic Land Trust quarterly newsletter can also be sent to the recipient including children, as well as the giver/adult, if desired.

If purchasing shares for someone under 16 years of age then the certificate will be named “[adult name] on behalf of [child name]”. The named child may apply for the certificate to be re-issued in their own name once they have reached the age of 16.

If purchasing shares as a gift then the giver’s name will not appear on the Certificate, but will be held on file. If the gift is for a child (see above), then the giver may wish to appear as the named adult.

Ways to give and invest in shares

Visit Biodynamic Land Trust Invest to Join page for easy-to-invest online giving.

Please also view the Huxhams Cross Farm Share Prospectus for comprehensive and legal information, or its summary.

If you would like to apply by email, please download the Prospectus and fill-in the form electronically and send to:

If you would like to apply by post, please download the Prospectus, then complete the form in the prospectus and send to:

Gabriel Kaye, Biodynamic Land Trust Ltd, Painswick Inn, Gloucester Street, Stroud, GL5 1QG.

Alternatively to the above, telephone 01453 367233 and leave a message requesting a Prospectus with a contact telephone number and postal address . If you want to speak to someone, the best times to call are Monday, Thursday and Friday.

Thank you and happy giving!




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