The Biodynamic Land Trust has introduced a new form of Associate Farm Membership which is about developing connection.

It is a commitment to working forward in relationship with the Land Trust. This would be for those who already have put their farm’s future into connection with the Trust. Alternatively, for those prepared to do so as part of an ongoing relationship and plan.

Membership benefits include:

  • Being part of a family of developing farms.
  • An annual visit from the Land Trust which would offer support, connection and relationship building.
  • Working towards ‘beacon status’: looking at what the farm and people offer and what steps they wish to take to develop it further. For example, improving soils, enterprises, community involvement, training, festivals etc.
  • Being featured in the Land Trust newsletters and reports as part of our family of farms.
  • Hosting a Land Trust AGM from time to time. This would also provide opportunities for farm walks and sharing between farms.
  • Sharing and inputting to the Land Trust’s development.

The cost of the membership is calculated around the out of pocket expenses for the Land Trust relating to this membership. This is currently around £350. If you would like more information or to discuss this in more detail, please contact us.

We are delighted to welcome St Giles Farm in the New Forest as an Associate Farm member.