Rosdendal biodynamic garden farm

Do you own land that you would like to protect from harm into the future? The Biodynamic Land Trust has been set up to receive land and protect it in perpetuity.

“The earth shall be a common treasury for us all.”
— Gerard Winstanley

You may be stewarding your land carefully at present and building the life, beauty and fertility of your land. In the future, it could be sold for personal profit and used for other purposes. The Biodynamic Land Trust is a not for profit organisation set up to take responsibility for the long-term care of land, for nature and generations ahead.

How does it work?

You may give your land to the Land Trust to take care of. This may be in your will as a legacy or you can give it during your life time.

You or your family can continue to live and work on the land and to operate your farm enterprise.

There are many other possibilities such as:

  • Progressively renting out areas to a starter farmer, a CSA, or other community group
  • A partnership with a young farmer to help the farmer retire and end up leasing, selling or donating the farm to the Land Trust (or the young farmer). We can offer long-term solutions.
  • Share farming arrangements
  • A community buy-out with the Land Trust and a new farmer leasing the land when the current farmer retires.

Many other tailor-made solutions are possible so that the farm continues in sustainable farming and as the sort of place you want it to be. The agreement between the Land Trust and future farmers will be free from the pressures of paying for land. However, it will require farmers to work to the highest quality farming methods.

Is the land safe?

The Land Trust is incorporated and regulated so that the people that manage it cannot personally profit from increases in the Trust’s land value from development or any other activity. They are legally required to steward the land according to the objectives of the Trust. These are to protect the environment and support biodynamic farming and education.

What next?

If you are interested to consider this arrangement for your land, please contact us.