Land Whispering with the Biodynamic Land Trust

The Biodynamic Land Trust secures land for community farms that will be ecological and biodynamic for future generations.

Land Whispering is a citizens’ network developed by the Biodynamic Land Trust connecting people with the needs of land and community farming.

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What is Land Whispering?

As horse whispering develops a rapport with horses, so land whispering is the art of connecting to the land, of empathising with its needs and potential, and being a conduit to reach others who care.

Land Whispering is inspired by Terre de liens (‘earth links’). Founded in 2003, the French organisation has mobilised 12,000 citizens to secure 120 biodynamic and organic farms.

Following in its footsteps, Land Whispering, an initiative organised by the Biodynamic Land Trust and open to ecological land lovers, enables information sharing, leading to increased awareness of access-to-land issues and how they connect to alleviating climate change, protecting natural resources and producing healthy food.

This UK citizen movement can raise awareness about the need to de-commodify farmland, re-establish rural communities, and promote local sustainable food systems. Such a movement has the potential to strengthen alliances with land and food charities, and other organisations.

Land Whispering is a broad-based movement for people that care for land. From participating in land festivals to organising action groups and fundraising for projects, land whisperers engage with land and people to support mutual care and understanding.

The emerging commons

Since the Biodynamic Land Trust was founded in 2011, it has secured 300 acres to grow five farms in Sussex, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Devon and the Orkneys. Its three priorities are to de-commodify land, build community and encourage ecological in particular biodynamic farming.

Part of an emerging European access-to-land movement, the Biodynamic Land Trust is working to restore land as a common resource and mobilise local communities to bring land into trust to be farmed ecologically for future generations.