What we do


Supporting landowners in the challenging succession issues that arise in farming families as they decide how to use their capital – stick with farming or cash-in?


Inspiring multi-impact land projects that renew the rural environment.  We have 5 amazing projects already established that need your support now!  See below for more information.


Our inspiring vision: a Community Farm for Every Community

Inspiring projects that brings about

Better, more local food

More work on the land

Strong biodiversity

Education and Learning

Which will bring about

Stronger community

Carbon sequestration

Closeness to nature

More secure, happier people

because land is the well-spring of well-being

You’ll find a brief introduction to each of our projects below – connect with our work – invest in our projects and be part of our rural renewal movement.

You can learning more about the thinking behind our work here Community Farms for Every Community

Oakbrook Farm, Stroud

A beautiful valley farm, now home to Stroud’s first community based dairy and Stroud Community Agriculture. You can follow the story of the development of this project:

Huxhams Cross Farm, Dartington

Huxhams Cross Farm is situated on the rolling Devon countryside of the Dartington Estate, from which the BDLT holds a 999 year lease. Being close to Dartington makes this farm the biodynamic dimension of a research project into sustainable farming systems. Find out more:

Brambletye Fields, Tablehurst Farm, Sussex

Rush Farm, Worcestershire

(no invest button in this one)

Noltlands Farm, Orkney