Oakbrook Farm Vision

The Story

Hammonds Farm was a 180 acre arable and beef farm within close walking distance of Stroud. It surrounded Hawkwood College land on the North, West and South. It came onto the market in early June 2015. The Biodynamic Land Trust worked with Stroud Community Agriculture, Hawkwood College, the biodynamic and Stroud communities to see if the BDLT could secure at least Lot 3 of the land as a community asset.  This was a rare opportunity to secure a beautiful area of land on the doorstep of Stroud town and adjoining Hawkwood College to the south for environmental, economic and community benefits.  Thanks to strong community support the BDLT was able to complete the buy-out of this 41 acres in November 2015.

Stroud Community Agriculture

Stroud Community Agriculture

The local community is bursting with people with food initiatives. This land has been secured; we are now in the process of developing and co-creating a new ‘Stroud Valley Farm’ (Name TBA). This will support a range of existing activities and generate new projects such as:

A cluster of farm enterprises producing a range of good food from farm animals, arable and horticulture, addressing local needs for vegetables, dairy, meat and soft fruit including

  • Land for Stroud Community Agriculture to increase its farm area and food production
  • A starter farm for young entrant farmers
  • Fresh herb garden
  • Micro dairy
  • Care and social farming activity

The potential benefits for the local community are huge:

  • Sustainable organic, biodynamic farming that improves soil fertility, reduces the carbon footprint and increases food quality
  • Community connected activities through permissive access, festivals, events, volunteering, arts activities and therapy/care farming
  • Enhanced landscape, biodiversity, wildlife and environmental value that will make the farm into a special place, a ‘green oasis’
  • Education and training in sustainable agriculture, horticulture and ecology
  • A food hub of an associative network of producers, land/food organisations, food processors to help support and build our local food economy in co-ordination with other such activities in the area