Oakbrook Farm

Dairyman and proud owner, Kees Frederiks, holds a Stroud Micro Dairy bottle of raw milk fresh from the cows

Location: Near gates to Hawkwood College on Painswick Old Road, Gloucestershire GL6 7QW

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Welcome to Oakbrook Farm’s key tenant, Stroud Micro Dairy

On Monday 13th of March 2017, members of Stroud Micro Dairy picked up raw milk for the first time from Oakbrook Farm.

The micro dairy, run by farmer, Kees Frederiks, is now producing raw milk, kefir and yogurt for the people of Stroud thanks to its Holstein-Jersey cows.

The micro dairy runs on a community membership basis: a share is the number of litres of raw milk, kefir or yogurt that people want every week for a year. Sign up here to support Stroud Micro Dairy and to place your order for raw milk, kefir and/or yogurt.

Background of Oakbrook Farm 

Stroud’s new community farm was purchased by the community through the Biodynamic Land Trust in November 2015.

It was renamed Oakbrook Farm by the community inspired by the land’s beautiful spring-sourced, oak-lined brook.

The 41-acre farm adjoining Hawkwood College just outside Stroud is now home to the Stroud Community Agriculture, its Starter Farm and Stroud Micro Dairy as well as Ellies Eggs and the Bee Observatory. Eggs and Vegetables available from the farm honest box in season.

Currently in conversion to biodynamic organic, it will be certified as a Demeter-farm by the end of 2019 and is now fully organic.

The entrance is through a gate about 50 yards south of Hawkwood College’s entrance. Please feel free to walk on any of the marked public footpaths.

The group carrying the farm includes Stroud Community Agriculture and committed volunteers. Together we are weaving a thriving beacon of community life and biodynamic agriculture. We began our journey in September 2015, when the land was simply known as Lot 3, Hammonds Farm. In March 2016, we found a new name, Oakbrook Farm, inspired by our beautiful spring-sourced, oak-lined brook.

Oakbrook Farm 2017 newsletter

Oakbrook Farm vision

Oakbrook Farm Vision – now reality!

A beautiful 41-acre farm producing delicious biodynamic food, vegetables, fruit, beef and milk to supply local families and members.

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Oakwood Farm team

The team

Introducing the new Oakbrook Farm team.

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Hedge planting

How you can help

Volunteering and other support needed.

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website - secure land

Why secure the land?

Land is not a commodity, it is a commons to be cared for. Help take a practical step in building a more resilient Stroud food economy.
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website vision


Voices of support, local and national.

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