Briefing Papers

These briefing papers give guidance on the nuts and bolts of CFLT establishment.

CLT health check

A tool which communities can use to faciliate internal discussion about what should be the key items, which measure their progress, impact and success. This “health check” is based on the practical experience of community land members participating in the community land ownership movement in Scotland.

Download CLT health check (PDF)

Community Engagement

Top tips from Fordhall Farm.

Download Community engagement tips from Fordhall Farm (PDF)

Community Participation

A guide outlining some activities that can be used in meetings to allow more people to contribute ideas. People with little previous experience of running participatory meetings can use them. Social skills, basic facilitation skills and some confidence with groups of people would be an advantage.

Download Community Participation and Process (PDF)

Low Impact Development

Joint Unitary Development Plan for Pembrokeshire – Pembrokeshire County Council & Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority

Download Supplementary Planning guidance (PDf)

CSAs Acquiring Land

An overview and step-to-step quide to how CSAs can acquire, hold and lease farms and community facilties using community land trusts.

Download Acquiring land for CSA (PDF)

What are Community Farm Land Trusts?

Not only a mechanism for the democratic ownership of land by the community, they are also good for sustainable agriculture and horticulture.

Download What are CFLTs (PDF)

Financial Literacy for Farmers

A resource from the Greenhorns young, beginning and new farmers movement in the USA, guiding the reader through financial literacy in the context of agriculture. A must read!

Download Affording Our Land (PDF)