The Land for Our Food

Produced by the Access to Land network and directed by Julio Molina, this 34-minute documentary follows the journey of Community Supported Agriculture grower, Gavin Bridger, from England to European countries. The Farnham community food project is searching for land and Gavin discovers this is not an isolated problem. His mentor, Rachel Harries, a member of the Biodynamic Land Trust board, connects Gavin to the Access to Land network and sets him on his journey to other European countries.

Demain (Tomorrow)
In response to the threat of collapsing ecosystems, Cyril, Mélanie, Alexandre, Laurent, Raphäel and Antoine, all in their thirties, search the world for solutions to save their children, and future generations. Using the most successful experiments in every area (agriculture, energy, habitat, economy, education, democracy…) they try to put back together the puzzle to tell a new story of the future.

Deep Listening – the secret to living in community

How do we make deep connections with land, with ourselves and with each other? How do we resolve conflict and make difficult decisions? Inspired by Aboriginal wisdom and with a beautiful backdrop of Australian landscape, Deep Listening learns what makes communities work and shows the path to a more harmonious way of being. Dadirri is an Aboriginal word meaning inner deep listening, a still awareness, and a ‘tuning in’ experience to bring a deeper understanding of the land – something the  Biodynamic Land Trust’s Land Whispering training seeks to develop.

Inspiration and education

The Sustainable Food Trust
Founded in 2011 by Patrick Holden, the patron of the UK Biodynamic Association and previous Soil Association director, in response to the human and environmental crises associated with industrial food and farming systems.

Three Acres and a Cow
A history of land rights in the UK, the story of its people through folk song and story.

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Community Farm Land Trusts – examples

Other forms of Land Trusts

The following organisations all hold land in trust for a variety of benefits including organic agriculture, wildlife and community access, however none of them are governed by members of the local community, distinguishing them from Community Farm Land Trusts:

Food and Farming

Supportive Organisations

These organisations may provide further help and assistance:


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European Partners

  • Access to Land – network of grassroots organisations from across Europe.