Newsletter Archive

The BDLT is a charitable community benefit society, registered with the FSA (FCA) in 2011.

The Land Trust activity started small and membership grew with the different projects.  To keep members informed of activities in between AGMs we started a newsletter which was posted or emailed as an attachment on an irregular basis.   In 2014 Ella Hashemi did some communications work and started a Mailchimp newsletter system.  In 2015 the project work increased and a need to keep people informed developed further so we have been using the Mailchimp system to send out general and project-specific newsletters as frequently as needed.  We aim to keep general newsletters to an approximate quarterly rhythm.  Your input and feedback is welcomed.  Please be in touch.

Below is our archive of these e-newsletters since 2015 for anyone who wishes to see the development as it happened.


October 2016 – Autumn Newsletter – General
July 2016 – Summer Newsletter – General
July 2016 – Oakbrook Workday
May 2016 – Huxhams Cross special
April 2016 – Spring News
March 2016 – Oakbrook special
March 2016 – Stir and Spray at Oakbrook
February 2016 – Community Survey update
January 2016 – Huxhams Cross update
January 2016 – Community Survey launched for Hammonds Farm Project (Oakbrook Farm)


December 2015 – Merry Christmas 2015
November 2015 – Lot 3 is ours!
November 2015 – Huxhams Cross update and other things
September 2015 – September news
September 2015 – AGM invite and other workshops
August 2015 – Hammonds Farm update August 2015
July 2015 – Hammonds Farm update July 2015
July 2015 – Hammonds Farm project July 2015
June 2015 – Join us to secure this community farm on the doorstep of Stroud!
March 2015 – Dartington area survey
March 2015 – Ecodynamic CBS share offer
March 2015 – Farm design course
March 2015 – Busary for Huxhams Design Course
March 2015 – Engaging with Huxham’s Farm Start up Process
February 2015 – Newsletter Spring 2015