Prospectus and support for Hammonds Farm

The Share Offer is now launched: Next steps

Even if you have not already pledged your support IT IS NOT TOO LATE!

Regardless of how you decide to support the bid to buy farmland at Hammonds Farm (see below), your involvement is important – Thank you! Even if not planning to purchase shares, we recommend you download and read the Share Prospectus for useful background information.

Share offer extended!

♦  Amount sought £390,000

♦  Minimum investment £250

♦  Maximum investment £100,000

I’d like to buy Shares

Please download the Share Prospectus, complete the application and return.

Click here to download the Share Prospectus (PDF).

I’d like to make a Gift

Please download, complete and return the Donation form to indicate if your Gift is specifically for the land or generally for this project.  Directions for payment are at the bottom of the form.

Click here to download the Donation Form (PDF).


If you are a UK taxpayer and making a donation we encourage you to download our Gift Aid form, complete and return it with your gift as we can then get up to 25% back from HMRC, making your gift even more valuable to the project.

Click here to download the Gift Aid form (PDF).

I’d like to volunteer

As well as buying shares and donating gifts, you can volunteer your time. This can vary hugely.

Suggestions are:

  • spreading the word amongst friends, colleagues and family
  • help with organising and publicising the community buy-out at one of our events
  • handing out leaflets at the market or at other events/shows
  • helping research the land, its nature and its history
  • using specific skills for specific tasks – please specify your offer/skill.

Please get in touch using the form below.  We look forward to hearing from you!


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