Supporting UK Biodynamic Farmers

In 2019 in the UK only 2.7% of agricultural holdings were farmed organically and of these only 1% biodynamically. Biodynamics is a holistic, sustainable and enhanced form of organic farming which:

  1. seeks to maximize the health and vitality of soil, food and people,
  2. sees the farm as a self-maintaining flourishing ecosystem composed of many elements, and
  3. works with and enhances the natural environment.

It is a regenerative, agroecological approach to farming and growing with broader social and wildife benefits. In addition, as we have highlighted previously, biodynamics can have a beneficial effect in terms of mitigating climate change by storing more soil organic carbon than conventionally farmed soils. At a time when the UK is reshaping its agricultural policy in light of the end of the EU exit transition period, the impacts of Covid-19, and the increasing prevalence of climate change, biodynamics has much to offer. In other words, there is a clear opportunity to increase the amount of biodynamic land in the UK.

In this context, the Biodynamic Association’s new venture to develop and support a range of services for biodynamic and farming professionals is very timely. It will target existing biodynamic farmers and growers, as well as bringing on board organic, agroecological, permacultural and others in the alternative farming movements. In addition, it will reach out to conventional farmers and growers.


The Association is currently seeking a Farm Support & Services Development Manager. They are looking for a passionate biodynamic communicator with farming, coordination and management skills to develop a range of services and support for biodynamic farmers in the UK. The objectives of the position are to:

  • research, consult, and create a cohesive business development strategy;
  • support farms/farmers and growers – in viticulture, mixed farming, horticulture etc;
  • enable conversion planning and process;
  • become a financially self-supporting consultancy/advisory enterprise by the end of two years;
  • implement the strategy as part of the Biodynamic Association’s work with farmers.

There is more information about the role and how to apply on the Biodynamic Association’s website here. Applications close on 20th September 2020.

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