The Community Farm Land Trusts Project (2005-2007) was carried out by Greg Pilley and Martin Large of Stroud Common Wealth.

The project investigated how existing community owned farm land trusts operate and pooled this experience. In doing so, it evaluated the range of benefits for communities involve and identified best practice. It then compiled the practical experience as an online toolkit.

fordhall farm

Pivotal to the success of the Community Farm Land Trust (CFLT) project was the triumph of Fordhall Farm where a community of 8500 secured Fordhall Farm in perpetuity as a CFLT. The Fordhall team made excellent use of all media promotion available to them with several features in national papers, and regional television. As a result, CFLTs and the issues surrounding them received an unprecedented level of publicity.


The main barriers to CFLT development are

  • Planning – in particular for housing on small scale farms
  • Finance – Raising capital in short timescales for land purchase
  • Land – Available only for opportunistic purchase – little notice of sales
  • Community engagement – requires skills and time

There is more information about the CFLT Project with access to documents and the full report here.

identifying and evaluating the benefits of community farm land trusts

Jim Sumberg reports on the CFLT project.

why people buy shares

During 2005-6 approximately 8,000 people from 24 countries donated a total of €1.5 million to purchase a 56 hectare organic farm (Fordhall Farm) in the English Midlands, much of it in £50 (€73) not-for-profit shares. What motivated these people to be part of the Fordhall venture and how did they benefit from it? John R Hegarty investigates.

lessons from scotland

In recent years, the Scottish Highlands have become the epicentre of a land reform significant for its strong embrace of culture and community. John Bryden and Charles Geisler take a closer look at how this can appeal to both conservative and progressive alike.

For more information on Community Land Trusts see the National Community Land Trust Network website here.

Community Farm Land Trusts Project leaflet picture