growing lettuce in polytunnel

A Design Process for Sustainable Farms and SmallHoldings

Marina O’Connell details her design process for creating a farm in the most sustainable way for the land and people involved.

What you’ve always wondered about Biodynamics

Elisabeth Winkler outlines biodynamics (in Smallholding magazine).

Biodynamic preparations explained

Elisabeth Winkler explains the biodynamic preparations (in Smallholding magazine).

Compost and Cows on biodynamic farms

Elisabeth Winkler considers biodynamic compost and cows (in Smallholding magazine).

Biodynamic Gardening

An introduction to biodynamic gardening from the Biodynamic Association in five short videos.

financial literacy for farmers

A resource from the Greenhorns; young, beginning and new farmers movement in the USA. Guides the reader through financial literacy in the context of agriculture.