Brambletye Fields
Brambletye Fields

Secured by the Biodynamic Land Trust in 2012, the 38-acre Brambletye Fields is part of Tablehurst Farm in Forest Row, East Sussex, RH18 5DP.

In spring 2019, Tablehurst was delighted to acquire five Jersey cows to start a small dairy. It’s been a steep learning curve getting everything up and running, but Tablehurst are now selling their own raw milk from a vending machine – an unadulterated farm product with next to no packaging!

Since its inception as a community farm, Tablehurst has run a small care home for three adults with learning disabilities. This is quite a challenge with the weight of regulation that applies to care homes, so they were delighted to receive a very positive report (good in all categories) from the Care Quality Commission in 2019. In the last 12 months, Tablehurst been working hard to build up their community engagement activities, and over the summer they have a weekly “Volunteer Wednesday” week when typically a dozen people come to the farm to participate in a variety of tasks. This initiative was launched in March 2019 after a hugely successful volunteer day when about 20 volunteers helped to plant over a thousand trees at the farm.

Volunteers on Tablehurst tree planting day March 2019
Volunteers on Tablehurst tree planting day

Tablehurst also have a busy programme of community events including farm talks and walks, a butchery class and some opportunities to relax at the farm.

For more information see the Tablehurst Farm website.