Who we are

Biodynamic Land Trust Directors

Chair – in transition

We will work with a rotating chair system until a suiable new candidate is found.

Gabriel Kaye, Society Secretary

Gabriel Kaye has been an administrator/manager to associations, schools and other similar organisations for many years, building a wealth of expertise in these areas. She has run her own craft pottery business as well as been a trainer and consultant in organisational structures, charity requirements, administration and management for Steiner Schools.

She has worked with and supported Biodynamics all her life, was born on a biodynamic farm and is a keen gardener. She also works for the Biodynamic Association and with the Biodynamic Agricultural Association Certification.

Chris Stockdale, Custodian Trustee Board Member

Chris Stockdale is a biodynamic farmer in Herefordshire, presently Chairman of the Biodynamic Association Council and Vice Chair of the European Livestock Alliance. He brings his long experience of farming, working as a trustee and in other types of caring organisations. Chris is the Custodian Trustee Director of the Biodynamic Land Trust nominated to the Biodynamic Land Trust Board by the Biodynamic Agricultural Association.

Mark Drewell, Directors’ Board Member

Mark is an internationally recognised thought and action leader. His biography combines international business with positive action to develop ethical leadership.  A senior partner in The Foresight Group, an international business advisory practice, and ex-CEO of GRLI (the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative).  He is Chair of the South Devon Steiner School.

Rachel Harries, Board Member

Rachel Harries is a project manager at the Soil Association with interest and expertise in developing training and entry routes for new farmers and growers, access to land and community engagement. She is responsible for developing a Producer Skills Training programme, runs the Future Growers scheme and is the coordinator of the Community Supported Agriculture Network UK. She is also part of an EU partnership on access to land and has a strong involvement in the Soil Association Land Trust. She is also on the Council of Sustain: the alliance for better food and farming.

Rachel has career has led her to work in a range of organisations on communications, environmental education, fundraising and community engagement. She has a longstanding passion for community and has also lived and worked in Spain on an educational intentional community.

Ella Hashemi, Board Member

Ella Hashemi is a community organiser and grower. Having gained a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Ella completed her Biodynamic Apprenticeship in horticulture and agriculture in 2013 on on a 100-acre farm at Ruskin Mill College, Gloucestershire. Ella has taught about access to land and community share offers, and initiated and developed a network for farmers and growers, Groundspring Network. Ella now restores community orchards across London with The Orchard Project. Ella has a passion for place-making and reconnecting communities to the land around them.


Gabriel Kaye, Project Director

In post since almost since the founding of the Biodynamic Land Trust, Gabriel is an experienced administrator and is responsible for directing the Society’s projects.

Sebastian Parsons, Business Manager

Recruited in September 2015, to support the Society future development. Sebastian Parsons founded Stockwood Community Benefit Society which successfully secured Rush Farm and Stockwood Business Park in trust in 2014, with support from the Biodynamic Land Trust.

Natasha Ramm, Operations Manager

Recruited in March 2016 to develop the operational infrastructure of the Society.

Elisabeth Winkler, Marketing Manager

Journalist and communications consultant, Elisabeth was appointed in February 2017 to lead the Biodynamic Land Trust’s communications programme. An award-winning food blogger, Elisabeth is a previous editor of the Soil Association.


Martin Large

Martin for Directors pageAfter four years of founding the Biodynamic Land Trust, it was with great gratitude, admiration and fondness that the Biodynamic Land Trust Directors have accepted Martin Large’s resignation as founding Executive Director.

Martin is a director of Stroud Common Wealth Ltd, founded in 1999 to develop co-operatives, small businesses and community land trusts. He provided technical assistance to the Fordhall Farm community buyout in 2005/6, helped set up Gloucestershire Land for People CLT, and was the chair of the CLT National Demonstration Project 2007/9. Martin is also a Director/founder of Stroud Woodlands Co-op and a director of Stockwood Community Benefit Society Ltd. Martin is a founder publisher/director of Hawthorn Press Ltd, and is a visiting lecturer at the University of Kent and a long time supporter of Biodynamics.

After a recruitment process lasting several months the trust appointed Sebastian Parsons as Martin’s successor from October 2015.