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A Biodynamic Beacon Farm Neighbour at Huxham’s Cross?

Andre Tranquillini’s biodynamic school garden at Hood Manor is a beacon. Rudolf Steiner, biodynamics and Steiner education founder, would have welcomed this practical, learning by doing approach that connects children with nature, for life. Building on this, there is the exciting prospect of a newbiodynamic beacon farm neighbour to the School.

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Stories and Relationships in the Land at Week

Last Sunday was balmy and still, and perfect for a morning walk. ‘Green Lanes’ expert Val Belsey took a small group through Week and up through 36 acres of land above the village. The event was to tell stories of people’s relationship with this land through time.

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History of Dartington and Week

Here is a brief history of Dartington, giving the background to successive waves of land stewardship and tenure. Our island land story is about how the equitable Anglo Saxon community land tenure system was replaced by the Norman land grab/conquest, and this brief history is good on the detail, and recent developments. Who knows the […]

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Conservation Covenants: here to stay?

The Law Commission has recommended the introduction of conservation covenants in England and Wales. A conservation covenant is a voluntary agreement between a landowner and a responsible body to do or not do something on their land for a conservation purpose which will be binding on the current landowner and all later owners of the […]

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