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A Design Process for Sustainable Farms and Small Holdings

Marina O’Connell details her design process for creating a farm in the most sustainable way for the land and people involved.

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Articles in Smallholding Magazine about biodynamics and activity on the Trust’s farms – by Elisabeth Winkler

What you have always wondered about Biodynamics

Biodynamic preparations explained

Compost and Cows on biodynamic farms

Lessons From Scotland

In recent years, the Scottish Highlands have become the epicentre of a land reform significant for its strong embrace of culture and community. John Bryden and Charles Geisler take a closer look at how this can appeal to both conservative and progressive alike.

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Community-Based Land Reform (PDF)

Why People buy Shares

During 2005-6 approximately 8000 people from 24 countries donated a total of €1.5 million to purchase a 56 hectare organic farm (Fordhall Farm) in the English Midlands, much of it in £50 (€73) not-for-profit shares. What motivated these people to be part of the Fordhall venture and how did they benefit from it? John R Hegarty investigates.

How to be a Care Farmer for € 73: a Shareholder Survey of the Fordhall Community Land Initiative (PDF)


CFLT – Evaluating the Benefits

Jim Sumberg of the New Economics Foundation has read through the literature on community land trusts in the UK and the USA. The benefits a CFLT  delivers will depend on the context within which it was established and operates, its goals and management, and the level of engagement with and by the community.

Benefits of Community Farm Land Trusts (PDF)


BDLT Press Releases

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Stockwood Business Park and Rush Farm Bought by Community for £2.6m


Saving Rush Farm: Stockwood Community Benefit Society Share Offer extended
Stockwood CBS Press Release (PDF)


BDLT Launch and Brambletye Press Release (PDF)