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You have got to look after the numbers, not just the farm

Yesterday a group of budding CSAs met with John Twyford and his colleagues from Plaw Hatch Farm in Sussex. They described a farm that is beautifully run to Biodynamic principles, a deeply committed local community, a dedicated and experienced grower, a well located farm shop and a rich history – that got into trouble.

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Networks for distributing

Networks for distributing processed food – Bio coop In France, the principles of co-operation and ethical trade have extended from the land, right along the supply chain to emcompass farmers, customers, shop keepers, wholesalers and distributers.

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Viable Biodynamic Farm Business Models?

Alan Brockman is a veteran biodynamic farmer, having farmed 300 acres of beautiful Kent near Chartham since 1953. Meeting him at Perry Court in early April sparked some key questions. Firstly about Biodynamic Farm Land Trusts. He told the story of his friend Gotthilf Goyert who set up the Verein Rudolf Steiner Stiftung fur die […]

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