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Rush Farm Visit Reflections

I have just returned from the first BDLT members meeting all fired up to invest in Rush Farm and the Stockwood community business. For me it seems right, it resonates with my heart and rationally it makes good sense, I believe that “holistic human involvement in life requires the heart, head and hand”.

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Members Day at Rush Farm

Members’ Day at Rush Farm 20th July 2012

We held the first BDLT member’s day at Rush Farm, hosted by Chris Burdett, Adrian, Ann and Sebastian Parsons with informative talks and a farm walk. Members’ questions for the day included: What working models are there of viable BD farming and enterprise? How can effective leadership and trusteeship be developed/ passed on? How can […]

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Securing Rush Biodynamic Farm

The BDLT is working with Elysia to set up Stockwood Community Benefit Society which will purchase Stockwood Business Park and Rush Farm from the current owners, the Elysia Partnership, in order to secure Rush Farm as a biodynamic holding in perpetuity.

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