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My partner and I are looking for a small farm! I’m about to finish my Biodynamic farming and gardening apprenticeship (currently at Valehead Farm, part of the Ruskin Mill Trust), and my partner is a small scale farmer / heating engineer / builder in West Wales. We are very excited to start out our lives in agriculture together, and I have a strong commitment to growing Biodynamic quality food for people in the area we settle. I feel that dramatically increasing the numbers of people working in sustainable small-scale mixed farming with and for their local communities is the only way we are ever going to achieve food security in this country. I am inspired by the CSA movement, and feel confident to start or take on something like this.

Lucy and Toby


I would love to explore helping schoolchildren and teenagers to access experience of small-scale farming, vegetable production, preserving and cooking, perhaps also supplying food to their kitchens. Working with the Ruskin Mill Trust, I have repeatedly seen the benefit that time on farms and gardens has on people with mental health challenges, and would love to continue this type of provision in some form or another.

My partner is very good at fixing things up (he runs a fully functional 50 year-old tractor and a variety of vintage implements!), working with an exchange/gift economy and developing local relationships. He hasn’t got Biodynamic experience, but is very open to the idea. Between us we have skills in animal husbandry, pasture management, vegetable and fruit growing, working with young people, milking and cheese-making, building and maintenance, fencing, fermenting, preserving and bark tanning.

Within our current society and financial system it seems impossible that we will ever be able to raise enough money to buy a farm straight outright, so if anyone should have any land that they could imagine being suitable for this kind of project / development, and is able and willing to consider a creative arrangement for long-term lease or succession planning, we would be forever grateful. My contact details are 07811 195691, my partner Toby is 07527 278862, and my email address is

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