New Building Brick in European Sustainable Agriculture Education

“The future will be challenging for land entrepreneurs. New skills and insights need to be developed in the environmental, social and economic sphere. Therefore this new designed course is aimed to go beyond conventional farm/land management. I am excited to be part of this journey into a better future.”

–Kai Lange, course leader

A new full time course in Sustainable Agriculture is being introduced to the UK by Emerson College and partners. The course will challenge its students to engage critically with biodynamics, organics and other sustainable agriculture systems practically as well as theoretically, through classroom and outdoor sessions. Students will also have the opportunity to integrate this learning into project based work in order to introduce issues around social entrepreneurship, community building and leadership. This combination of skills feels vital to the strength of the sustainable agriculture movement of tomorrow.

Interested and raring to find out more?! The course is holding an Introduction Day on July 5th for a taste of what is in store through the year.

The Diploma course starts September 2014, accredited to Level 5. It is available as a full time course, and for the general public as stand-alone modules. For more course details and information about the introduction day, check out Emerson’s website here.


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