British Government Sell Off of Public Woods

Just had this from 38 Degrees. Our beautiful countryside is under threat. Government cuts are forcing huge land sell-offs in the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales. [1]

People-powered campaigning created our national parks over 50 years ago. [2] And it can save them now. A huge public backlash could stop further cuts and force the government to protect our national parks.

Can you sign the petition calling on David Cameron to save our national parks?


David Cameron,

Please save our National Parks. Stop cutting their funding and make sure National Park Authorities have enough money to protect our most iconic landscapes for future generations.

National parks are looked after by National Park Authorities (NPAs) who are funded by central government. They’re supposed to act as custodians of these precious places – for people, wildlife and future generations. [3] But after rounds of cuts NPAs are slashing jobs, and looking for other ways to balance the books. [4]

In the Lake District seven iconic beauty spots are already up for sale. Stickle Tarn, described as “iconic, simply majestic” – £20,000. Baneriggs Wood, an “exceptional mature deciduous woodland” complete with red squirrels and rare birds – £110,000. [5] In the Yorkshire Dales eight properties are now earmarked for “disposal”[6]

David Cameron and his government hold the purse strings. It’s their decisions that are forcing our national treasures onto the market. Sign the petition here to protect our national parks:

Back in 2011, the government tried to privatise another set of beauty spots – the public woodlands owned by the Forestry Commission. 38 Degrees members helped block those sales. [7] We know the true value of preserving Englands wild spaces, and why it matters to keep them in public hands. So let’s come together again to save our National Parks.

PS: It’ll take a huge petition to get the government to stop cutting funding to our national parks. So once you’ve signed, please forward this email to all your friends and family, and ask them to sign the “save our national parks” petition by clicking here:


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