Changes to Data Protection from May 2018

Heart over data to symboloise cyber securitity

In May next year, the Data Protection Act (DPA) will be replaced by the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a framework with greater scope and tougher punishments for those who fail to comply with new rules around the storage and handling of personal data.

Under the new regulations, companies must keep a thorough record of how and when an individual gives consent to have their personal data details stored, and used to send.

Consent will now mean active agreement. It can no longer be inferred from, say, a pre-ticked box. Companies (including charities) that control how and why data is processed will have to show a clear audit trail of consent, including screen grabs or saved consent forms.

Individuals will have the right to withdraw consent at any time, easily and swiftly. When somebody does withdraw consent, their details must be permanently erased, and not just deleted from a mailing list. GDPR gives individuals the right to be forgotten.

As a result of these new regulations,  the Biodynamic Land Trust will be contacting its members, supporters and friends in 2018 to ask them to sign a consent form that shows agreement to receiving regular information.

We are grateful for your help with this project that will ultimately be of benefit for everyone.

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