Discussion of BDLT Guiding Values

Discussion of our Values – what guides us

We met as BDLT directors to discuss our guiding values-and no doubt this will be an ongoing discussion with members. Tom Brenan reports that our July discussion drew out two main areas of focus:

People; and

For both of these there were three themes:


These are considered in a little more detail below.

1. Reconnection
There is a desire to reconnect people with land and food. Seeing the whole-farm-organism is important from a biodynamic perspective and also brings in the spiritual element.

2. Respect
With land this involves care for and healing, seeing land as a gift with intrinsic value and the need to give something back to the land.

With people it is also about making a livelihood from the land producing quality food, seeing them as part of the landscape and members of the wider Earth community.

3. Responsibility
There is a concern that we must take an holistic approach to establish sustainable methods of farming for the future which will embrace care of the land, stewardship and innovation.

I hope this captures the essence of our discussion,

For more information see: BDLT Discussion Paper on our Guiding Values, Principles and Key Ideas

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