Fermenting a local community investment revolution

Ecodynamic Community Benefit Society launches its founding Share Offer

Ecodynamic Community Benefit Society launched its founding Share Offer at 2pm on Friday 25th January 2015 at Stroud Brewery. The Offer enabled Ecodynamic to purchase and run a new 55KW Endurance wind turbine near Redruth, Cornwall, and reward investor members with social, environmental and fair financial returns. Any surplus will be reinvested in renewable energy, biodynamic, organic and sustainable food projects.

25 people attended and several people made significant expressions of interest in investing. Said Greg Pilley of Stroud Brewery, ‘Just as many people invested in the Stroud Brewery startup, so I will invest in Ecodynamic for generating renewable energy and for community reinvestment.’

See www.ecodynamic.org.uk for full details

Martin Large and Jamie Mansfield at Stroud Brewery

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