We owe our lives to a six-inch layer of topsoil, and the fact that it rains. Biodynamic farming enhances the quality of soil, water, landscape and food, through holistic, time-tested cultivation and land care methods. Biodynamic farms are special, each with a unique story and identity. However, young biodynamic farmers, growers and CSAs need to get affordable access to land ― which is why a Biodynamic Land Trust is needed.

The purpose of the Biodynamic Land Trust is to secure land into trust for sustainable biodynamic farming, market gardening and communities for the long term.

The BDLT will work with 2-3 farms as pilot biodynamic land trust buyouts, research good practice, respond to practical questions, build a community of members, interest and practice, develop membership, governance; and the organisation, disseminate learning and develop a viable, not-for-private-profit, charitable business model for the Biodynamic Land Trust (BDLT).

The BDLT will explore how to achieve a variety of benefits for people, food growing and earth care, from land trusteeship. Specific benefits will include: appropriate public access to farms; connecting people with the land; deepoer insights into food, farming, the countryside and sustainable food systems; affordable land access for young biodynamic farmers, growers and communities; sustainable, viable farm businesses; offering a safe haven for the farms and land retiring farmers and land owners for their living legacies.

You can support the work of the BDLT in a variety of ways ― whether you are an individual, farmer, landowner, grower, CSA or funder. Please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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