Huxhams Cross Farm: Give a gift, get a gift

Get a gift of of high-quality locally-produced food from farm tenants, the Apricot Centre, in January 2018 when you invest in not-for-profit community shares before 18 December 2017. The bag of fresh local goodies can only be delivered to you/your recipient in Totnes and surrounding areas, including Ashburton, Buckfastleigh and Harbertonford in South Devon.


Invest online before midnight on Monday 18 December – choose “Huxhams Cross Farm, Totnes, Devon” on the Biodynamic Land Trust invest online Join page.

Alternatively, download the Huxhams Cross Farm share application form and mail to the office to arrive by Monday 18 December with cheque or confirming direct debit payment.

Mailing address: Biodynamic Land Trust Ltd, Painswick Inn, Gloucester Street, Stroud GL5 1QG.

Invest for yourself or behalf of another including a child

As well as investing for Huxhams Cross Farm for yourself, you can also invest on behalf of others, including children.

Once you have invested, the Biodynamic Land Trust will send your recipient a card, followed by a share certificate in their name (if over 16).  In the case of a child, this can be transferred to their name once they reach 16.

All members including children may receive optional quarterly updates about Huxhams Cross Farm, other Biodynamic Land Trust farms and activities.

Thank you for supporting Huxhams Cross Farm to be a biodynamic beacon of sustainability.

Huxhams Cross Farm food delivery round

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