Huxhams Cross Farm – We’ve Raised The Barn

[vc_single_image image=”4319″ img_size=”600 x 353″ alignment=”center”][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner width=”2/3″]The barn has arrived and construction completed  just in time for attendees at the Biodlynamic Land Trust AGM to admire and marvel at the progress and transformation of 34 acres of orphaned land towards becoming a community farm:  the sward improved by green manure; new orchards where the young trees are already bearing a small amount of fruit;  the bees;  the chickens and the shy cows who will help to improve the fertility further.

A huge thank you to all who have contributed!

The development so far also includes access and parking so do come and visit and perhaps join in with Working Wednesdays.

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The barn will now be developed to include a cool store, tool area and box packing space.  A local business has passed on their box scheme to the Apricot Centre Team and this is a fantastic outlet for selling local produce, especially the beautiful white eggs now being laid by the hens in residence at Huxhams Cross Farm.

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Next steps: electricity, water systems and telephone installations are all needed and the training/well-being/processing center needs to be built.  We are working with a great local team to draw up the plans, get planning permission and , hopefully, build this much needed space in the Spring.

Be part of raising £65,000 to support this exciting development and enable the farm to have the infrastructure it needs.

The share offer is therefore being extended until January 31st 2017 to enable as many people as possible to support the Apricot Center Team and the Land Trust to further develop this once bare land into a community farm.

We are getting there – together we can complete this wonderful vision

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