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Children and adults in Farm School make their way across a beautiful green field at Huxhams Cross FarmSecure land for life

Your ethical investment supports people and planet-friendly farms such as Huxhams Cross Farm in Dartington, Devon.

Since the Biodynamic Land Trust secured 34 acres in south Devon in 2015,  Huxhams Cross Farm has become a hive of activity – both above and below the ground.

The farmers are reviving the soil with biodynamic organic farming, and fertility is returning.

Above ground, Huxhams Cross Farm and a band of volunteers have planted fruit trees and soft fruits and produced its first bountiful and varied vegetable harvest.

The farm is using permaculture methods to design the farm layout, water systems and energy use for maximum sustainability.

The farmers care for a mobile flock of 100 chickens and two cows (Damson and Daffodil), grow local wheat for local flour and are part of Dartington’s pioneering agroforestry project to make sustainable farming viable. Not to mention raising a barn, hosting weekly farm clubs for local children (pictured) and running a weekly local food delivery service.

Now Huxhams Cross Farm is looking for further investment to build the Apricot Centre Centre on the land – a place to cook, share skills, make food for market, and create a safe space for vulnerable families.

Invest for positive change

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Invest Now!

Become a positive change-maker by investing in the Biodynamic Land Trust community shares for Huxhams Cross Farm to bring about economic, ecological and community renewal in the countryside.

Tenanted by sustainability experts, the Apricot Centre, the farm is weaving biodynamic and permaculture farming and healing the land.

Support the Training and Wellbeing Apricot centre at Huxhams Cross Farm

The Biodynamic Land Trust secures land through your investment to create biodynamic organic farms such as Huxhams Cross Farm, and help them flourish.  The low-carbon Apricot Centre will offer farm-to-fork cookery activities for children and adults, facilities to turn fresh excess produce into jams, juices and chutneys, training in permaculture and biodynamic farming as well as a base for the Apricot Centre’s well-being service for vulnerable families.


Invest in farming for the future

A charitable community benefit society, the Biodynamic Land Trust offers community shares for Huxhams Cross Farm, changing the world one farm at a time.

Do you know you can also invest in community shares on behalf of others, including children? Investing in a community-owned farm has got to be a gift that goes on giving.

Clear jar with preserve Huxhams Cross Farm
Spraying biodynamic preparations on Huxhams Cross Farm

Invest in the land

Huxhams Cross Farm’s tenant farmer, the Apricot Centre, is weaving permaculture with biodynamic farming and working towards biodynamic organic (Demeter) certification. Focused on increasing microbial soil life, biodynamic farming regenerates soil fertility and the health of the eco-system, year-on-year, and provides the grower with a toolkit to support a self-sustaining farm-system. Permaculture also centres on closed-loop farming, while its ethics of earth care, people care, fair share reflect the holistic principles of biodynamics.

Invest in people

Huxhams Cross Farm offers opportunities to learn on the land and increase wellbeing. It hosts farm school activities for local children including South Devon Steiner school, has a farm manager and a full-time grower, two apprentices, and a band of volunteers. Its proposed low-carbon Education and Wellbeing centre with cooking facilities will be a place to teach “farm-to-fork” cooking and wellbeing skills as well as training in biodynamic and permaculture methods. The Apricot Centre has over 20 years’ experience of permaculture and biodynamic farming, and working therapeutically with families. The Education and Wellbeing centre will enable these offerings to happen on the land.

Young woman planting tree on Huxhams Cross Farm on a sunny day
Cow and ranbow at Huxhams Cross Farm

Invest ethically

Become a positive change-maker by investing in our community shares for Huxhams Cross Farm and make your money do good. Support community-owned farms to nurture the land and foster connections between land and people to create a living working countryside. Invest with this easy-to-use form. Please view terms and conditions here before investing.

The Apricot Centre

In 2015 the Apricot Centre signed a 15-year lease with the Biodynamic Land Trust to create a working, living community farm. Its co-directors are farm project manager Bob Mehew, family psychotherapist Mark O’Connell, and farmer Marina O’Connell. After setting up School Farm for the Dartington Trust in the 1990s, Marina created a fruit farm from scratch and has farmed it for 15 years in Essex.

Marina O’Connell says: “If children are given the opportunity to make connections to nature and growing healthy food, then in the long-term this will lead to them having healthier diet, a broader palette, a greater sense of wellbeing – and it forms the basis for respect for place and nature.”

Kids drawing at Apricot centre

Invest now by joining the Biodynamic Land Trust

Please join the Biodynamic Land Trust by investing in our community shares for Huxhams Cross farm.  Your investment will be spent on your chosen project (see tick-list on investment form) or developing the trust, and you will become part of a purposeful community that is committed to enlivening the countryside through community based biodynamic farming.