A new land trust for New Zealand: Land Trust NZ

Market stall in New Zealand from Land Trust NZ

New Zealand has set up a land trust, reports Biodynamic Land Trust founder, Martin Large, in the latest issue of Star and Furrow, the membership magazine of the Biodynamic Association.

Land issues in New Zealand are similar to those in the UK, as Martin Large explained after completing a New Zealand tour at the invitation of the Land Trust NZ.

“New Zealand is losing large areas of productive farmland to the highest bidder…The average age of farmers in NZ is over 60 and the question of who will take on the farm and continue to steward the land is reaching a crisis.”

Like the Biodynamic Land Trust, the Land Trust NZ’s objective is to return healthy farms to the commons so the land is no longer subject to market forces.

The Land Trust NZ‘s approach to ecological farming, which will be of interest to advocates of biodynamic farming, as Martin Large reports:

The Land Trust NZ regards Demeter as the highest internationally recognised standard of agricultural integrity and productive resilience while recognising the efficacy and possibilities of complementary organic, permaculture, biological, RegenAg and similar approaches in building soil health, biodiversity, wildlife habitat and similar sustainability practices.

Martin Large, Biodynamic Land Trust founder, Peter Garlick and Ellen Appleton
Martin Large (centre) with Peter Garlick and Ellen Appleton

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