Noltlands Farm

[vc_single_image image=”3527″ img_size=”large” alignment=”center”]Having been a farm manager for many years Jason and his wife Nina always had the dream of having their own farm. As they are passionate about dairy farming it was always going to be a dairy enterprise. Although they had some experience of working in creameries, bottling milk and cream, making yoghurt and cheese, they had no idea about the enormity of running a business like this so they have had to learn on the job. They chose Westray because it was the only place they could find a farm  which wasn’t too expensive. As it turns out, even if they won the lottery, they would now choose Westray regardless.

Their aim is to make a living on a small farm (95 acres) and produce healthy, tasty food while trying to enjoy every day.[vc_column width=”1/2″]

We start with what we would like to eat ourselves – like our delicious cheeses and yoghurt – and then hope that others will too. So far we’ve had a fantastic response –  it really keeps us going through the tough times.

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Between the weather and politics, farming has been a real challenge lately and trying to comply with ever more stringent regulations as food producers is taxing but seeing the response to what we’re doing gives us a real boost and we hope to continue making delicious local food for a long time to come. In many ways what we’re trying to do is impossible but through sheer determination to make this happen we’re still here and with the support of a wider community of like minded people we’ll be able to keep the dream alive. Thank you all so much.

Noltlands Farm is a new part of the BDLT family.  Follow them on their blog:  to keep up with their news.

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