Biodynamic Land Trust welcomes Gabriel Kaye as its new director

GABRIEL KAYE Biodynamic Land Trust director
The Biodynamic Land Trust is delighted its co-founder and project director, Gabriel Kaye, has stepped up to lead the Trust’s next phase.

Born on a biodynamic farm and a biodynamic gardener, Gabriel has worked for Steiner schools and the Biodynamic Association Certification.

Gabriel Kaye says: “Having worked for the Biodynamic Land Trust from its very beginning, first with co-founder, Martin Large, then his successor, Sebastian Parsons, I understand both its history and its future needs. I look forward to serving this incredible organisation with its important aims in securing land for healthy soils and food, the biodynamic way.

“I also look forward to working with the Board, including guest directors, Nigel Burton, Ian Nicholson, and Lucas Schoemaker, to ensure the Trust moves forward sustainably to steward its land, secure new land for biodynamic organic farming, and support farmers on farm succession, and new farmers seeking land. We are reviewing the Business Plan to reflect the recent changes in personnel and circumstances, and the input from members, and look forward to presenting our views in 2018.”

The Trust wishes Gabriel Kaye’s predecessor, Sebastian Parsons, all the best for his new ventures. Former business manager, Sebastian Parsons, resigned from his contract with Biodynamic Land Trust in November. He says: “I have completed what I was taken on to do, and I can now move on, fully-confident the Trust is in capable hands. I will always be a friendly face for the Trust to call on and wish it all the best for its important work.”

For more information on staff and board changes, and new guest directors visit Who We Are.

Are you a future Biodynamic Land Trust Board member?

Gabriel Kaye adds: “We would welcome a further one or two people to join as guest directors who are willing and able to come to quarterly meetings, having read the preparation material and who can respond to emails between quarterly meetings.

“It would be great to have people with expertise in fundraising, community engagement, financial management, land agent and land management expertise, organisational management including strategic planning and chairing of meetings.

“We are also a bit short on the female-to-male balance and would also welcome some people under 40s’, for balance of perspective. If you might be interested do email me gabriel @, or call.

“We are happy to talk over what is involved and send the New Director policy/application document.”

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