Farm Gift and Leaseback Workshop

Retirement Options for Securing your Farm’s Future

3 October 2015:  2.00-5.00 pm

at Hawkwood College, Wick Street, Stroud, Glos. GL6 7QW

(after the Biodynamic Land Trust AGM)

Why is this important?

Many farmers wrestle with the challenge of farm succession. Their children may not want to farm, there may be potential family conflicts, continuing farm viability can be a problem and what about retirement planning? Farmers are keen to see their organic or biodynamic farm, their life’s work, continue – but how?

What farm options will we consider?

Whilst focusing on the farm gift and leaseback option, we will briefly review a range of options and the benefits of each for both farmers (and landowners) and for farmland trusteeship bodies including:

  • Lifetime gift and leaseback
  • Advice and technical support to farmers
  • Provision of a management service to farm owners/investors
  • Pledge of land to be transferred on death of owner
  • Legacy of land with no prior liaison
  • Outright lifetime gift
  • Purchase of land by bodies such as SALT/BDLT with community funding support



Booking form and payment must be received by 25th September 2015 and may be made either online of by post. Payment details are on both forms.


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