meeting the land at Hammonds Farm

Hammonds Farm – The Last Push for funds

[box type=”alert” size=”large”]** QUICK NEWS UPDATE 7th January **

Amazingly, thanks to a new interest free loan of £20,000 we have raised £360,000 of the £390,000 needed (£370,000 plus £20,000 costs).

Existing shareholders were invited to please consider:

  1. Investing £150.00 more in shares. If 195 members who have already invested did this, we would raise the £30,000 needed easily…. So any extra you can offer (and some of you did suggest this might be possible if asked) will be a great help whether in withdrawable shares or gifts, especially with the addition of gift aid where possible.
  2. Talking enthusiastically with your friends and family – perhaps grandparents might consider giving £250 shares for their grandchildren? (cf Martin secured the £20,000 interest free loan by asking a friend over the weekend.)

We have also had an offer of an interest-free loan to match any funds we can raise, to fill this gap, between 15th October and Christmas.  More than £5,000 (including the matched funding) has come in already thanks to our generous supporters but we need to make a final push to complete the funding package. So we count on your support and action for this last push in raising the funds to acquire this land.

New share applications and donors will be very much welcomed! (see pages 17 & 18 of the prospectus) or:

[ilink url=”/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/2015.10.20-HF-b2b-Donation-and-Gift-Aid-form20001.pdf” style=”download”]Download Donation and Gift Aid form (pdf)[/ilink]

Meetings have already taken place to create a community of people around the land. There have already been events to celebrate getting this land for the community, starting to get to know it and forming a group of potential users and people prepared to work on the development of a farm. This includes a starter farm for young biodynamic farmers; care farming; a micro dairy and more vegetables for Stroud are being considered ….. and much more.

Meeting the Land Workshop - 15th November 2015
Meeting the Land Workshop – 15th November 2015


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