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Interview with Marina O’Connell and Huxham’s Farm Update

Here’s a great interview of Marina O’Connell by Stefan:

Marina O’Connell on the birth of Huxhams Cross farm by 21st Century Permaculture on Mixcloud

Marina spent 3 days at Huxhams Cross Farm over the new year, in Storm “Frank” and spend a muddy day chasing the water flow. So has now figured out the best way to drain the Higher Week Field which is where she wanted to plant an orchard. The rest of the land stood up remarkably well to the rain, so she is feeling much more confident.

We have 2000 plus trees / agroforestry rows, / soft fruit going to plant in the next few months. The green manures are doing really well, forest school area is looking great, we have got a little caravan for free for a tool store, gates are being hung and look fab, getting a good response from the neighbourhood now. Week village was flooded , so the tree planting should help with that, had some great meetings with local people, so we are getting there.

We decided upon 6 x Perry Pear trees in the Long meadow orchard for “Biodynamic Babysham” – Marina used to work for Showerings that made Babysham, so she is very excited about that, as is more resilient that Wine grapes.

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