“If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten”

This quote by Rudyard Kipling inspired Community Land Trust practitioners in the USA to preserve the transformation of the land trust movement in the States in order to pass on their accumulated knowledge to future generations.

collage of roots and branches
Graphic by Bonnie Acker


Announcing the launch of Roots & Branches; a Gardener’s Guide to the Origins and Evolution of the Community Land Trust. Whilst the site focuses on the land trust movement in the USA, it also acknowleges the Land Gift (Bhoodan) Movement in India as an integral part of the history of the movement. Access the site at www.cltroots.org, it features beautiful graphics by artist-in-residence Bonnie Acker, digital archives of the movement and a growing collection of historical materials as community land trusts contribute their own stories.

This kind of intergenerational transfer of land and farming knowledge is precisely what ensures the sustainability of the Sustainability Movement.

Roots & Branches can be found at: www.cltroots.org

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