Lot 3 Hammonds Farm Land Survey

Overview and Guidlines

When you are walking across the site we wondered if you could give us any information that will help us in our design process. We will be visiting often ourselves collecting this data but the more information we have the more accurate it will be. This will help us decide where to place different aspects of our new farm site, such as orchards, vegetables, training room, and public access. Please be assured that we fully understand the joy that you have in walking on the site and we will take care to preserve all public rights and enable suitable permissive access.

We are particularly interested in the highest and lowest points of the site, and any other interesting areas in between, such as wind tunnels and cold or warm spots. For instance, on one walk you might notice there is a frost near the stream but none higher up the site, or it might be very sheltered in one field but very windy in another. We are also interested in wet patches and the way water flows when it has rained heavily. We need this information back firstly by 28th January, and secondly by 14th March please.

Historical information: if you would be happy to share any other information about the site, about what was grown there, how far deer come into the site, or where any interesting flowers and plants are, we would be REALLY happy if you could pass it on to us, either via this survey, by email, or drop us a note. If you prefer, you can just leave your contact details and we can give you a call or come and talk to you in person.

How to send us the information:

  1. Complete the survey online (as many times as you want)
  2. Download our survey as a pdf – print, complete and then return to us at our office address or pop it into the letter box across from the Star Anise Cafe at the British School (part of OpenHouse buildings)
  3. Download and read the instructions on the survey pdf and then email your observations to: gabriel@biodynamiclandtrust.org.uk

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