Oakbrook Farm welcomes Molly Scott Cato

Molly Scott Cato, Laura Dally, herdsperson, and Kees Frederiks, Stroud Micro Dairy owner and dairy farmer
Molly Scott Cato and Kees Frederiks, of Stroud Micro Dairy, with dairyworker, Laura Dally

Oakbrook Farm, Stroud was delighted to receive a visit from Molly Scott Cato on Friday 12 January, following her challenge to Gove at the recent Oxford Real Farming conference.

An early supporter of Oakbrook Farm, the Green MEP for the South West of England and Gibraltar supports several measures to make land access more equitable, including a Land Value Tax and ending the use of land as a tax shelter.

Molly Scott Cato and Biodynamic Land Trust director, Gabriel Kaye

Owned by the Biodynamic Land Trust on behalf of its community investors, 41-acre Oakbrook Farm is farmed with biodynamic organic methods.

Molly Scott Cato listens to Kit Whitney (starter farmer) and Laura Dally (herdswoman)
Kit Whitney (starter farmer) with Laura Dally (herdsperson) and Green MEP, Molly Scott Cato

Oakbrook Farm looks forward to welcoming more enterprises to join its two tenant farmers, Stroud Community Agriculture (SCA) for its starter farm, where entrant growers can learn the ropes within a supportive environment. Kit Whitney, SCA starter farmer, is pictured above, with Stroud Micro Dairy, pictured below.

Molly Scott Cato was keen to be on the land and listen to the farmers. A green economist,  she was a Director of Stroud Common Wealth since 2007, and a a core group member of Stroud Community Agriculture.

Starter farmer, Kit Whitney, herdsperson, Laura Dally, Lucas Schoemaker, director of Stroud Common Wealth and Biodynamic Land Trust board director, Molly Scott Cato, and Gabriel Kaye, Biodynamic Land Trust director

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