Local organic flour grown in Totnes at Huxhams Cross Farm

Population wheat on Huxhams Cross Farm
The Apricot Centre has produced its first bags of local, organic flour for sale, available from the Apricot Centre, Grown in Totnes and Totnes Market on Friday.

Suitable for pastry, cakes and sourdough bread, the flour is tasty, low in gluten, and costs £2.70 for 1.5kg wholewheat and £3.30 for 1.5 kg white flour.

On the edge of the Dartington Hall Estate, the 34-acre farmland was secured in September 2015 through the Biodynamic Land Trust. Shortly afterwards a long lease was signed with farm tenant, the Apricot Centre.

Under the skilled direction of the Apricot Centre – biodynamic farmer Marina O’Connell and a small farm team – Huxhams Cross Farm has gone from-strength-to-strength.

Biodynamic farmer Marina O’Connell takes up the story of the flour grown in a field on Huxhams Cross Farm.

“We grew the Organic Research Centre’s Wakelyns Population Wheat which has been bred from 20 varieties of wheat, with 190 crosses to create a genetically diverse ‘population of wheat’.

“Professor Martin Woolfe developed this on Wakelyns farm in Suffolk for low-input organic systems. So it is designed to be more self-reliant, have a stronger root system and interact better with the soil, helping it to grow well in different soils and to cope more effectively to unpredictable environments.

“We sowed the first wheat crop in the autumn of 2016, and harvested in early August 2017. It was dried, cleaned and then milled into flour by Grown in Totnes. It does what it says on the tin. We have now saved seed and resown the wheat, so it will adapt to the soil and the climate on our farm in Dartington.”

Huxhams Cross Farm is currently in conversion to biodynamic farming status, and this year, as part of the conversion process, the wheat is fully organic.

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