Securing Rush Biodynamic Farm

The BDLT is working with Elysia to set up Stockwood Community Benefit Society which will purchase Stockwood Business Park and Rush Farm from the current owners, the Elysia Partnership, in order to secure Rush Farm as a biodynamic holding in perpetuity.

Rush Farm is certified both as Demeter and as organic, and is located in the heart of England at Stockwood, near Redditch, Worcestershire. Rush Farm is well known locally as the location for the writing and recording of some of the early episodes of Radio 4’s  The Archers. The Archer’s pub, ‘The Bull’ is just down the road in Inkberrow! This community co-op buy out is an interestingly topical story following the current Archers story line in which they opened a community shop!

The article, Transforming Capitalism, gives more information about the thinking behind putting Stockwood Business Park and Rush Farm into common ownership. [see below for link to article]

The Stockwood CBS Share Offer will be ready by the end of August. It will be put on the website, along with a BDLT Gift Aid form for helping the BDLT invest into securing Rush Farm.


[ilink url=”/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Transforming-Capital-New-View-312.pdf” style=”download”]Transforming Capital (PDF)[/ilink]


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