Slug by Matt Harvey

Poet Matt Harvey at the Share Offer Launch

On the 19th July at the Week Land Share Offer Launch, Matt Harvey told his wonderful poem about a slug.

Here it is by popular request… and he tells Slug on the launch film as well…

The evening did not allow Marina the time to say how she as a grower deals with slugs!



low-born land mollusc
high-impact intruder
easy oozer, slime exuder
free-loader, sprout-spoiler
meandering marauder
of my broad-beans’ border
you’ve a one-track mind
in a one-track bodydiligent pillager
soft-horned invisigoth
slow silver scribbler
paradoxically busy sloth
tithe-taker, hole-maker
indiscriminate direct debitor
bold-as-brass brassica editor

you’re a squishetty spoilsport
a glistening drag
the liquorice all-sort
nobody wants to find in the bag

it’s time that you were brought to book
you’re not as tasty as you look
listen chum, you are disposable
look at my thumb, it is opposable

unwelcome invertebrate
this might just hurt a bit
I pluck you and chuck you
into distant dew-drenched greenery
isn’t that mean of me?

slug, when all is said and done
you can hide but you can’t run

Copyright Matt Harvey

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