Some History of the Land at Week

Group walking the Week Land

Valerie Belsey is a local historian who has done some initial research of the history of the land at Week. She writes that, ‘Once we know the land is secured there’s a lot more that can be discovered i.e. farm sale records and ditch and hedge work for Billany going back to 1812… So for now here’s what we can say for 1841.’

‘The two top fields near the barn are called Higher Broad Park and Lower Broadpark and were arable and those nearer to Week were called Great Meadow, which was to pasture, and Great and Little Catherine Parks which were arable. They formed part of Billany Farm occupied by Edward Holberton and all owned by Henry Champerknowne.

After tithes were commuted some of these fields provided Queen Anne’s Bounty, still a tithe to support poor clergymen (ha-ha). The footpath comes from the Corn mill in the south and going to Huxham’s Cross and then Staverton Bridge. The flora around about was recorded by Reverend Keble Martin at a later date and his Concise British Flora is a landmark volume’

More historic and local stories about the land at Week and surrounding communities are welcome…

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