comparing organic and biodynamic soil

Soils and Biodynamic Farming: Presentation At Stroud Transition Town

Gabriel Kaye gave  a presentation on Soil, Biodynamics and Hammonds Farm at A Stroud Tranistion Towns film evening on Soil… is the PDF of her presentation below, and her starting words. It makes a fascinating story…  she says that, ‘Soil has 4 main elements:

-The mineral: stone, sand, dust – what is left if you burn it
-Plant matter and plant life – humus, leaf-moulds and all other composted and fresh plant matter – importantly all the fungal and mycorrhizal systems
– Animals and animal matter – from microscopic animals and insects essential to the life of the earth through the earthworms and moles to all sorts of animal life and droppings
-What we humans bring to it and make of it; cultivate it, desecrate it or leave it to nature. Our care can make all the difference.

[ilink url=”/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Soils-Biodynamics-and-Hammonds-Farm.pdf” style=”download”]Soils, Biodynamics and Hammonds Farm (PDF)[/ilink]

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